Under your feet are my dreams

POSTED BY   Christelle
2 mars 2016

Take me wind, at all times

Bringing the flow and rolling the rocks

They crack under your feet

Are my dreams

They cry before going

A place they’ll be heard and shout


Place your heart down

The valley is crowded

They line up like stars

Waiting for the big guy

To let them pass


Noisy wind, at all times

Sucking up femininity

Sucking up masculinity

Sucking up genders, at all kinds

Yearning for humanity


Kept up but brought down

They line up waiting

For the big guy to decide

If they’re good enough

If they fit



Or they’re in

What will it be?

Who is he to tell me?

Big consciousness

Society is watching


Still lining up like stars

Starting to fail twinkling


Wind me wind, at all times

Anywhere in the valley

Flamingos and black guys

Painting reality high

Punky bright colors

To stave off boredom

And to dream free


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