We met Leslie and her family when travelling in La Guajira, the desert of North Colombia. We bought a delicious orange juice to her and a Rica Chicha (typical venezuelan drink) – a small business that allowed her and her husband to survive with their 4 children withdrawn from school. After a few days playing with their kids and talking with her, we have been deeply moved by her story. Emigrated due to the instable situation in Venezuela, they now risk loosing their land and home by February. We decided to pause our travel to help this family buying them a parcel of land to get out slowly out of misery. Click on the following link to get more information on our crowdfunding campaign:


Thanks to all of you ! Thanks to your concern and donation we were able to go back to the desert and help this family’s dream come true by buying them a piece of land ! Click on the video below to see their joy :