Catch up wild life

POSTED BY   Christelle
2 mars 2016

Wondering why

They all sit

Like broken trees

Just binding

Before their daily lives


Looking at their journeys

Passing by

And not doing anything

To catch up

Wild life

To catch up

The train is leaving

And it goes fast


Wondering why

They all stay

Stiff in their polished

Shoes, unused

And brand new

Just bragging

Before hierarchy


Not doing a thing

That makes them think.

Their brains

Are shut down

Not even turning

Around and creating


That is

The way things go

Spotted panthers

Playing hummingbirds


Still flapping their wings

Away they hope


Wondering why

Their pale skins

Never tanned

Or seen sunlight


Eyes uninhabited


They missed their trains

And still

Waiting for the next one

Never coming

Where to find


Hearts are failing


Blaze, drain, collision

They’ve set fire

And strive to get out

Fast but smoothly

Keeping reason

Keeping tangled

In the muddle.

Freaking insanity


Wondering if

They are

Trying out

At least

Trying out

At least


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